Type I/#A6: Eve Sarah Diamond

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Diamond, Eve Sarah - Jewess, ns25as a young girl, Eve Sarah and her family were among those more than 1,000,000 ex-Russian Jews who – fearing retribution after the collapse of Judeo-communism – during the 1990’s fled to Zionist-occupied Palestine. Now a mature Jewess in her 20’s and still living in Israhell, she has made some fairly raw porn-videos, one of which is linked at right, with stills as above. This is a classic LGBT – Little Jewess with Big Tits – and in every way an archetypal Ashkenaz: sharp, Khazar facial features, dusky complexion, and big tits indeed crested with large, dark-brown nipples. For some unaccountable reason, this particular Jewess brings to mind various statements in the 1941-42 Einsaztgruppen reports, reports which document the thoroughly Jewish nature of Soviet communism, as well as the intensely hostile attitude of the native population toward the Jews in the liberated areas of the Red Empire and their very positive – indeed, participative – attitude toward the anti-Jewish operations then being carried out (page references are to Yitzhak Arad et al., eds., The Einsatzgruppen Reports (NY, 1989):

*”After the retreat of the Red Army, the Lithuanian population of Kovno killed about 2,500 Jews during a spontaneous uprising…” (p. 17)

*”Einsatzkommando 4a is still in Rovno where the execution of 240 Bolsheviks, predominantly Jewish, took place….on July 8, 1941, at Zlochev, 16 communist officials and informers, among them 3 Jewesses, were shot.” (pp. 18-19)

*” in Rudki on July 5, 1941, 15 Jews of both sexes were executed in reprisal for the bestial murder of the Ukrainian Nationalist leader Dr. Kirnychny. The Ukrainian population for their part set fire to the synagogue and Jewish district. 150 Ukrainians were found murdered in Stryj…12 communists who were responsible for the murders – 11 of them Jews – were arrested and shot.” (p.20)

*”in Bialystok….the Polish section of the population has shown that it supports the executions carried out by the Security Police by informing on Jewish communists.” (p. 23)

*”Daugavpils was occupied by German troops on 6 July. Though only a small part of the town was damaged by direct fighting, the greater part was burned down during the following 2-3 days. The fires were caused by arson (and) the Jews¬† are said to have participated. 5 Jews and Jewesses, caught red-handed, were immediately shot…”. (p. 27)

“Until now, Dvinsk had about 45,000 inhabitants, 50% of whom were Jews. They ruled the town absolutely. As the Reds retreated, the Jews spread the rumor that they would soon return…”. (p. 28)

*”In Sambor on June 26, 1941, about 400 Ukrainians were shot by the communists. An additional 120 people were murdered on July 27th….the Jews committed these murders in a very cruel way. Breasts of women were cut off….Jews also nailed children to walls and then killed them. Killing was also carried out by gunshots to the back of the head. In Dobromil women and men were killed with blows by a hammer used to stun cattle before slaughter….the Jews, some of whom held official positions, in addition to their economic supremacy, and who pervaded the entire Bolshevik police, were always partners in these atrocities….7 German pilots who had been captured were also murdered. In the first hours after the Reds withdrew, the Ukrainian population displayed commendable activity against the Jews. For example, the Dobromil synagogue was set afire and 50 Jews were killed by an enraged crowd at Sambor….Lvov inhabitants rounded up about 1,000 Jews and took them to the fotmer NKVD prison….in retaliation for these and other inhuman atrocities, approximately 7,000 Jews of both sexes were rounded up and shot….Apart from these executions in Lvov, reprisal measures were carried out in other places as well: 132 Jews and Jewesses, for instance, had to be shot in Dobromil. With the assistance of reliable Ukrainians, residents of Sokal, 183 Jewish communists were also caught and liquidated…”. (pp. 30-31)

*“Prior to their retreat, the communists shot 2,800 out of 4,000 Ukrainians in the Lutsk prison….acording to the statements of survivors, the Jews played a decisive part in the arrests and shootings….thus 300 Jews of both sexes and 20 looters were shot on June 30th. On July 2nd, 1,160 Jews and Jewesses were shot by the Ukrainians….8 persons who worked for the NKVD, among them two Jewesses, were also arrested and executed.” (p. 32)

*”So far a total of 240 executions have been carried out in Rovno: mostly Jewish communist agents and informers for the NKVD….about 150 Ukrainians were murdered by the communists in Kremenets. Some of these are said to have been thrown into cauldrons of boiling water, this deduced from the fact that the bodies when exhumed were found without skin. In retaliation, the Ukrainians killed 130 Jews…”. (pp. 38-39)

*”in Rakov 58 Jewish communist officials were liquidated…12 Jewesses proven to be communist agents also had to be shot.”¬† (p. 52)