Type I/#A3: Jamie Sarah Hammer

Hammer, Jamie Sarah 03

Hammer, Jamie Sarah 01

Hammer, Jamie Sarah 02

Hammer, Jamie Sarah 05

Hammer, Jamie Sarah 04

Hammer, Jamie Sarah - classic Jewshot

Hammer, Jamie Sarah ns17

with her dusky complexion, acutely racial facial features – sharp, khazar cheekbones, sloe-eyes, full vulpine lips – and slim/buxom (5′, 90 lbs, 32D) figure, this 2005 ASU grad is a classic Ostjude. Also 100% Tribal is the shot directly above, which perfectly captures Jamie Sarah’s pensive, inward Jewishness. In fact she’s grand-niece to Armand Hammer, one of the 20th century’s most notorious Zionist-Communist Jews: plutocrat, confidante of Lenin, Rothschild agent, currency speculator, broker of anything and everything, international arms dealer and general Merchant-of-Death. For a kosher confession on all this, see E. J. Epstein, Dossier: Secret History of Armand Hammer (NY, 1996). As to the present Hammer, she has so far confined her Tikkun Olam to a lucrative career in multi-media porn:

Hammer, Jamie Sarah ns15