Type II/#F58: Katerina Sarah Stein, alias “Katerina vanden Heuval”

vanden Heuval, Katerina Sarah 01Jules Stein, he of the Hollywood MCA mega-bucks, sired June Stein. June then married out of the Tribe, to Wall St. lawyer William vanden Heuval, and produced Katerina Sarah. Jewish in the female line, and thus a Jewess in terms of the Jews’ own Law of Descent. And, in a typical pattern, now married to Professor Stephen Cohen, that is, back into the Tribe. She’s also a wonderful illustration of the intertwining of the two principal, subversive arms of the Jewish squid: at once owner-editor of The Nation magazine, a vicious Red rag (but only mildly critical of Israel)…and a member of the Conference on Foreign Relations, a corporate-globalist front. The CFR seat Katerina Sarah inherited from daddy, much as the Jewess inherited a $100,000,000 Hollywood/Wall Street trust fund from her grand-daddy.