Hollywood/NY/London/&Other Mass Media Jewesses

(in process)

In order to deceive the host population as to the racial source of the destructive propaganda they are spoonfed by the legacy mass media – variously communist, Zionist, anti-masculine, homosexual, Judeo-feminist, anti-White, etc. – most Hollywood/New York, and other MSM Jews, male and female, have over the decades operated under false names. In recent years, though, coincident with the thorough, top-down Tribal networking and control of virtually every major economic, political, and cultural institution in America (and elsewhere in the Euro- and Anglosphere), triumphalist Jews have “come out” and operate increasingly under their actual, ethnic names. This because they now consider their power absolute and unassailable. Which may or may not be the case. Historically, the Jews waxed rich and powerful in Ikhnaton’s Egypt; in pre-Roman Palestine; during the heyday of the Ottoman Caliphate; in revolutionary communist Russia; and in Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany until 1933. But each Jewish ascent was followed by an equally dramatic descent. So we shall see what eventuates during the present Jewish Cycle. In the meantime, here’s some visual documentation on this salient aspect of the Jewish problem:

>Ancona, Ronni Sarah (Type V/#D30)

Ancona, Ronni Sarah - Jewess, ns7


>Anspach, Susan Sarah (page pending)



Anspach, Susan Sarah - Jewess, ns8

Anspach, Susan Sarah - Jewess, 01


>Antonaz, Laura Sarah (Type V/#A5), alias “Laura Antonelli”

Antonaz, Luara Sarah - Jewess, ns99, alias 'Laura Antonelli'

Antonaz, Laura Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Laura Antonelli'________________________________________________________

>Arend, Christina Sarah (Type III/#G62), a.k.a. “Christina Hendricks”

Arend, Christina Sarah - Jewess, 077


>Avital, Mila Sarah (Type III/#N131)

Avital, Mila Sarah 05__________________________________________________________

>Arquette, Rosanna Sarah (page pending)

Arquette, Rosanna Sarah -Jewess, ns 10________________________________________________________

Aumont, Tina Sarah (Type IV/#D30)

Aumont, Tina Sarah - Jewess, ns44

Aumont, Tina Sarah - Jewess, 05


>Barbeau, Adrienne Sarah (Type II/#R173)

Barbeau, Adrienne Sarah - Jewess, 07


>Bar-Zohar, Yael Sarah (Type IV/#J99)

Bar-Zohar, Yael Sarah - Jewess, ns6


>Beitner, Selma Sarah  (Type II/#R170), alias “Selma Blair”

Beitner, Selma Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Selma Blair'


>Beller, Kathleen Sarah (I/#D30)

Beller, Kathleen Sarah - data

Beller, Kathy Sarah - Jewess, 014


>Bernard, Sue Sarah (Type V/#A6)

Bernard, Susan Sarah - Jewess, 04


>Mayim Sarah Bialik (Type III/#J94)

Bialik, Mayim Sarah - Jewess, ns5


>Blacker, Tina Sarah (Type III/#D36), alias “Tina Louise”

Blacker, Tina Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Tina Louise'________________________________________________________

> Blackman, Honor Sarah (page pending)

Blackman, Honor Sarah


>Blustein, Rose Sarah (Type V/#B15), alias “Joan Blondell”

Bluestein, Rose Sarah - Jewess, ns1 - alias 'Joan Blondell'      

Blustein, Rose Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Joan Blondell'


>Bonham-Carter, Helena Sarah (Type II/#Z269)

Bonham-Carter, Helen Sarah - Jewess, ns6

Bonham-Carter, Helena Sarah - Jewess, ns7


>Brennaman, Amy Sarah (page pending)

Brennaman, Amy Sarah - Jewess, ns2________________________________________________________

>Brownstein, Donna Sarah (Type II/#B10), alias “Busty Brown”

Brownstein, Donna Sarah - Jewess, ns23


Cansino, Margarita Sarah (page pending), alias “Rita Hayworth”

Cansino, Margarita Sarah - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Rita Hayworth'


>Chriqui, Emannuelle Sarah (Type V/#D33)

Chriqui, Emmanuelle Sarah - Jewess, ns5


>Connelly, Jennifer Sarah (Type II/#W220)

Connelly, Jennifer Sarah - Jewess, ns19


>de Carlo, Yvonne Sarah (page pending)

de Carlo, Yvonne Sarah - Jewess, 01


Davis, Gina Sarah (page pending)

Davis, Geena Sarah - Jewess, definitive T-III facial


Dubinsky, Veronika Sarah (Type I/A6)Dubinsky, Veronika Sarah - Jewess, 01__________________________________________

>Dreyfuss, Françoise Sarah (Type II/#i88), alias “Anouk Aimée”

Dreyfus, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, alias Anouk Aimee, ns11

Dreyfus, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, alias Anouk Aimee, ns10


>Tula Sarah Finklea (Type IV/#N141), alias ‘Cyd Charisse”

Finklea, Tula Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Cyd Charisse'


>Frankenberg, Joyce Sarah (Type III/#E46), alias “Jane Seymour”

Frankenberg, Joyce Sarah - Jewess, ns77________________________________________________________

>Friesen, Samile Sarah (page pending), alias ‘Dyan Cannon’

Friesen, Samile Sarah - Jewess, ns6, alias 'Dyan Cannon'

Friesen, Samile Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Dyan Cannon'


>Frye, Soleil Sarah (Type II/#Z288), a.k.a. “Soliel Moon Frye”

Frye, Soliel Moon


>Gadot, Gal Sarah (Type I/#J96)

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess, ns2


>Geisman, Ella Sarah (page pending), alias “June Allyson”

Geisman, Ella Sarah - Jewess, alias 'June Allyson'


>Goldbach, Barbara Sarah (Type I/#N138), alias “Barbara Bach”

Goldbach, Barbara Sarah - Jewess, 09________________________________________________________

>Goldsmith, Clio Sarah (Type II/#L117)

Goldsmith, Clio Sarah - Jewess, 05__________________________________________________________

>Green, Eva Sarah (Type V/#D38)Green, Eva Sarah ns2

Green, Eva Sarah ns4


>Hack, Shelly Sarah (page pending)

Hack, Shelley Sarah 02______________________________________________________________

>Haddon, Dayle Sarah (Type II/#C28)

Haddon, Dayle Sarah - Jewess, 02__________________________________________________________

>Halperin, Daria Sarah (page pending)

Halprin, Daria Sarah - Jewish seduction in Zabriskie Point 05__________________________________________________________

>Hatcher, Teri Sarah(Type IV/#E42)

Hatcher, Terri Sarah - Jewess, ns2__________________________________________________________

>Hawn, Goldie Sarah (Type IV/#G68)

Hawn, Goldie Sarah - Jewess, ns3________________________________________________________

>Herschlag, Natalie Sarah (Type III/#Q167), alias “Natalie Portman”

Herschlag, Natalie Sarah - Jewess, 12, alias 'Natalie Portman'_______________________________________________________

>Hertzstein, Barbara Sarah (Type II/#Z370), alias “Barbara Hershey”

Herzstein, Barbara Sarah - Jewess, ns4, alias 'Barbara Hershey'

Herzstein, Barbara Sarah - Jewess, ns12, alias 'Barbara Hershey'


>Horowitz, Winona Sarah (Type II/#N137), alias”Winona Ryder”

Horowitz, Wynona Sarah - Jewess, ns12, alias 'Wynona Ryder'

Horowitz, Winona Sarah - Jewess 03, alias 'Winona Ryder'________________________________________________________

>Johannsen, Scarlett Sarah (Type III/#B16)

Johansson, Scarlett Sarah - Jewess, ns77__________________________________________________________

>Kahner, Carol (Type III/#F52), alias “Carol Conners”

Kahner, Carol Sarah - Jewess with big tits__________________________________________________________

>Kazan, Lanie Sarah (Type I/#A7)

Kazan, Lanie Sarah - Jewess, 03__________________________________________________________

>Keisler, Hedy Sarah (Type II/#R177), alias “Hedy Lamar”

Keisler, Hedy Sarah - Jewess, 07

Keisler, Hedy Sarah - Jewess, ns1


>Kiger, Susan Sarah (Type III/#E43)

Kiger, Susan Sarah - Jewess, ns4__________________________________________________________

>Klein, Barbara Sarah (Type II/#E56), alias “Barbi Benton”

Klein, Barbara Sarah - Jewess, ns101, alias 'Barbi Benton'

Klein, Barbara Sarah - Jewess, 05, alias 'Barbi Benton'__________________________________________________________

>Kleinfeder, Sasha Sarah (Type II/#E41), alias “Sacheen Littlefeather”

Kleinfeder, Sasha Sarah - Jewess, ns2__________________________________________________________

Kudrow, Lisa Sarah (page pending)

Kudrow, Lisa sarah - Jewess, ns1__________________________________________________________

>Leon, Valerie Sarah (page pending)

Leon, Valerie Sarah - Jewess, 07__________________________________________________________

>Levy, Marion Sarah (Type III/#L119), alias “Paulette Goddard”

Levy, Marion Sarah - Jewess, ns4, alias 'Paulette Goddard'__________________________________________________________

>Lin-Tavi, Tracy Sarah (page pending), a.k.a. “Tracy Lind”

Lin-Tavi, Traci Sarah - Jewess, as 'Natalie St. Claire' in 'Bugsy'__________________________________________________________

>Litwack, Katherine Sarah (Type III/#E42), alias “Kat Dennings”

Litwack, Katherine Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Kat Dennings'__________________________________________________________

>London, Lisa Sarah (Type I/#B14)

London, Lisa Sarah - Jewess, 02__________________________________________________________

>Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah (Type I/#A1), alias “Joyce Gibson”

Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - Jewess, 17, alias 'Joyce Gibson'__________________________________________________________

>Markowicz, Margaret (Type IV/#C24), alias “Margaret Markov”

Markowicz, Margaret Sarah - Jewess, ns1__________________________________________________________

>Manoff, Dinah Sarah (Type II/#C22)

Manoff, Dina Sarah - Jewess, ns2__________________________________________________________

>Margolin, Irma Sarah (Type IV/#C22), alias “Irma Madigan”

Margolin, Irma Sarah - Jewess, alias'Irma Madigan'__________________________________________________________

Mayron, Melanie Sarah (page pending)

Mayron, Melanie Sarah 01 001


>Merz, Allysia Sarah (Type II/#G63)

Merz, Allysia Sarah - Jewess, ns1


>Mironov, Ilyena Sarah (page pending), alias “Helen Mirren”

Mirren, Helen Sarah - Jewess, 1x still @ age 24________________________________________________________

>Misch, Laura Sarah (Type II/#D32)

Misch, Laura Sarah - Jewess, ns1________________________________________________________

>Moitzi, Marlies Sarah (page pending), alias “Marisa Mell”

Moitzi, Marlies - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Marisa Mell'


>Newman, Laraine Sarah (Type III/#152)

Newman, Laraine Sarah - Jewess, ns9


>Oppenheim, Jill Sarah (Type III/#Z255), alias “Jill St. John”

Oppenheim, Jill Sarah - Jewess, ns 5, alias 'Jill St. John'________________________________________________________

>Ornitz, Cindy Sarah (Type IV/#K107)

Ornitz, Cindy Sarah -Jewess, ns14________________________________________________________

Pacula, Joanna Sarah (Type V/#D33)

Pacula, Joanna Sarah - Jewess, ns4

Pacula, Joanna Sarah - Jewess, ns1


>Paltrow, Gwyneth Sarah (Type III/#S182)

Paltrow, Gwenyth Sarah - Jewess, ns1________________________________________________________

>Parker, Sarah Sarah (page pending)

Parker, Sarah Sarah - Jewess, ns1


>Pascal, Françoise Sarah (Type V/#C20)

Pascal, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, ns1________________________________________________________

Paskowitz, Sonia Sarah (Type I/#Z290), alias “Sonia Darrin”

Paskowitz, Sonia Sarah - Jewess, ns5


>Peet, Amanda Sarah (Type II/#Z267)

Peet, Amanda Sarah - Jewess, ns7

Peet, Amanda Sarah - Jewess, ns6


>Persky, Betty Sarah (Type III/#i85), alias “Lauren Bacall”

Perske, Betty Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lauren Bacall' ns54________________________________________________________

>Piekarski, Karolina Sarah (page pending), alias “Carroll Baker”

Baker, Carroll Sarah - Jewess, ns44

Baker, Carrol Sarah - Jewess, 05


>Pizer, Lillian Sarah (page pending), alias “Lily Palmer”

Pizer, Lillian Sarah - Jewess, ns1. alias 'Lily Palmer'


>Rampling, Charlotte Sarah:

Rampling, Charlotte Sarah - Jewess, ns2, lips, hand position

Rampling, Charlotte Sarah - Jewess, ns6


>Ringwald, Mollie Sarah (Type III/#D38)

Ringwald, Molly Sarah - Jewess, 19

Ringwald, Molly Sarah 09


>Rinna, Lisa Sarah (Type V/#A3)

Rinna, Lisa Sarah - Jewess, nude & pregnant__________________________________________________________

>Roman, Ruth Sarah (Type II/#H73)

11 Feb 1952, Hollywood, California, USA --- Ruth Roman at the Photoplay Awards --- Image by Michael Ochs, Archives/Corbis

11 Feb 1952, Hollywood, California, USA — Ruth Roman at the Photoplay Awards — Image by Michael Ochs, Archives/Corbis


>Rome, Sydne Sarah (page pendinRome, Sydne Sarah 03_________________________________________________________

>Rosenthal, Lyova Sarah (Type II/#W225), alias “Lee Grant”

Rosenthal, Lyova Sarah - Jewess, ns7, alias 'Lee Grant'


>Sauls, Judith Sarah (Type III/#A4), alias “Lee Meredith”

Sauls, Judith Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Sauls, Judith Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lee Meredith' - best cc________________________________________________________

Schermerhorn, Alison Sarah (Type II/#Z265), alias “Alison Brie”

Brie, Alison Sarah - Jewess, ns77


>Schwartz, Jamie Sarah (Type IV/#D36), alias “Jamie Lee Curtis”

Schwartz, Jamie sarah - Jewess, ns24__________________________________________________________

>Shaya, Carole Sarah (Type III/#D32)

Shaya, Carol Sarah - Jewess, ns12__________________________________________________________

>Silverman, Sarah Sarah (Type I/#L111)

Silverman, Sarah Sarah - Jewess, ns44c________________________________________________________

Slater, Helen Sarah (Type IV/#T195)

Slater, Helen Sarah - Jewess, ns5


>Spichler, Miriam Sarah (Type II/#V219), alias “Mimi Rogers”

Spichler, Miriam Sarah - Jewess, ns22, alias 'Mimi Rogers'

Spichler, Miriam Sarah - Jewess, ns24, alias 'Mimi Rogers'


Streisand, Barbra Sarah (Type I/#i81)

Streisand, Barbra Sarah - Jewess, ns2


Taylor-Young, Leigh Sarah (Type IV/#B12)

Taylor-Young, Leigh Sarah - Jewess, ns15__________________________________________________________

>Ticotin, Rachel Sarah (Type I/#i88)

Ticotin, Rachel Sarah - Jewess, ns9

Ticotin, Rachel Sarah - Jewess, age 22 02__________________________________________________________

>Trachtenberg, Michelle Sarah (Type I/#N137)

Trachtenberg, Michelle Sarah - Jewess, 01__________________________________________________________

>Valvrojenski, Marisa Sarah (Type V/#B15), alias “Marisa Berenson”

Valvrojenski, Marisa Sarah 07__________________________________________________________

>Welsziker, Claudia Sarah (Type III/#Q169), alias “Claudia Wells”     

Welsziker, Claudia Sarah - Jewess, ns7, alias 'Claudia Wells'

Welsziker, Claudia Sarah - Jewess, alias Claudia 'Wells'__________________________________________________________

Wilzkowsky, Lillian Sarah (Type IV/#A8), alias “Chesty Morgan”

Wilczkowsky, Lillian Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Chesty Morgan'________________________________________________________

>Winger, Debra Sarah (Type II/#Z368)

Winger, Debra Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Winger, Debra Sarah - Jewess, ns7


>Zakharenko-Gurdin, Natalya (page pending), alias “Natalie Wood”

Zakharenko-Gurdin, Natalya Sarah - Jewess, 05, alias Natalie Wood'


>Zakharenko-Gurdin, Svetlana Sarah (Type I/#H74), alias “Lana Wood”

Zakharenko, Lana Sarah - Jewess, ns21,alias 'Lana Wood'


>Karen Sarah Zeigler (page pending), alias “Karen Black”

Zeigler, Karen Sarah - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Karen Black'

Zeigler, Karen Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Karen Black'


% of past/current Hollywood etc. Jewesses using an alias: 44/100 = 44%