Eurasian Jewesses

these are half-Asian Jewesses with one Jewish parent or two Jewish grandparents, and their galleries may be found in a special section at the end of the Type IV specimens; in the (entirely hypothetical) event of an anti-Jewish regime coming to power in North America all such would, of course, be treated as Jews. 

  • Type IVa/#Z251: Emma Sarah Sulkowicz, a.k.a. “Mattress Girl”

Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, ns2


  • Type IVa/#Z252: Petra Sarah Verkaik

Verkaik, Petra Sarah - Jewess, ns35


  • (page pending): Zoe Sarah Yamada-Feininger

Yamada-Feininger, Zoe Sarah - asiatic Jewess, ns1


  • (page pending) Nina Brosh 

Brosh, Nina Sarah - Jewess, Chinese mother


  • Type IVa/#Z253: Lisa Sarah Selesner, alias “Lisa S.”

Selesner, Lisa sarah - ns1


  • Type IVa/#Z254: Gwen Sarah Ozaki-Morgenstern, alias “Hitomi Tanaka”

Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, ns77


  • Type IVa/#Z255: Francesca Sarah Biller

Biller, Francesca Sarah - Jewess, close facial


  • Type IVa/#Z256: Margaret Sarah Sahl, alias “China Lee”

Sahl, Margaret Sarah - Jewess, ns21


  • Type IVa/#Z257: Phoebe Sarah Cates

Cates, Phoebe Sarah - Jewess, ns14