Type V/#F50: Elissa Sarah Ghert-Zander

Ghert-Zander, Ellisa Sarah - Jewess, Mizrahic via Iran (L.A. colony)young Jewess found at the bustyandslim site which, almost by definition, has to be laden with big-breasted Tribals..and is. Elissa Sarah, one of the more obvious therein, is an ashkenazic-mizrahic mixture, and part of the Los Angeles-out-of-Iran Jewish colony. Aside from her classic kosher ethnosexuality – remarkably big, heavy tits on a petite, slender frame – the dusky complexion, thickened lips and the Ghert-Zander’s intense inwardness are also strong vectors of her genetic Jewishness. A Jewishness which the Jewess attempted to mitigate by dyeing her hair blond…and then gave up the task as hopeless:

Ghert-Zander, Ellisa Sarah - Jewess, ns2, w ID

Ghert-Zander, Ellisa Sarah - Jewess, ns3