TSJ4, like its honorable ancestors TSJ1/3, takes one of the principal elements of the currently dominant (Jewish mass media-promulgated, Jewish legal system-enforced) Kosher Culture of Death, that is, abortion, porn, homosex, & Judeo-feminism, all calculated by the Jews and their shabbatz goy hirelings to kill White family formation and birthrate, and turns it back against the Tribe and all it’s destructive, faux-universalist machinations: cultural, as above, political (Zionist warmongering, communist revolution-mongering), and economic (Central Bank debt-entrapment, money manufacturing, and unbacked fiat currency ponzi-scheming)…a Tribe whose ¬†Tikkun Olam it is to destroy the Nations and annihilate White Western Civilization. Some might call this a bait-and-switch. They would be correct. And since this too is a basic Jewish technique, it’s only fair to do so. On a technical matter – since this iteration of WP does not take direct comments on pages other than “Home” and “About” – if you have a comment re this or that Jewess, put it here and I’ll transfer it to her page.¬†

58 Responses to About

  1. Ron Vis says:

    Type III/#R174: Anita Sarah Herzsfeld foto’s indicate Milena Saperstein.

  2. admin says:

    that’s correct. I’m getting two different names from different sources…and some others as well. One or none of which may be correct. Whatever-whichever, a Jew by any other name as well

  3. John Martin says:

    Have you noticed anything distinctive about Jewesses’ butts? I am trying to figure out if there is anything about a bare Jewish ass that marks it as such.

  4. admin says:

    not in general. Big-breasted Jewesses tend to have flat, undistinguished derrieres; less buxom Jewesses often have more sharply slanted pelvic structures and high, prominent asses. Many examples of both are scattered through this documentation. That’s about it

  5. Brad says:

    As far as the pictures go this is one of the greatest websites on the net and I sure as hell hope you stop turning it on and turning it off all the time for whatever reason. I hope it just stays up permanently. An unbelievable resource.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks. TSJ1 and 2 were attacked and taken down by the Jews; apparently they don’t like it when one element of their White reproduction-stifling Kosher Culture of Death (porn…see also abortion, faggotry, Judeo-feminism) is turned against them. TSJ3 had some technical issues, that one was on me. All good: I like this one best of all, and we’ll see how long it lasts…if the Chosen kill it again, I’ll put the site out on my own server, and the iteration will further improve it. They. Will. Not. Win.

  7. Julius Brown says:

    Kathleen Beller married one-hit wonder pop star Thomas Dolby and they raised an “it” with (((so-called))) gender dysphoria. In typical Jewish-fashion she welcomes the whole thing saying, “we lost a daughter but gained a son”

  8. JohnnyMackBrown says:

    Extremely interesting website. Im seeing the story of my life flashing before my eyes.

    BTW, Im getting disparate info on Russ Meyer’s Jewishness. Will revert after I get time. Thanks.

  9. JerrySeinfeld says:

    Jennifer Connolly has a huge rack … it just doesnt show up all the time in photos. So i beg to differ on Type.

  10. Julius Brown says:

    Brenda Denault had a son who became the transgendered actress Alexis Arquette (a/k/a Eva Sectruction). She was a big lib who lived on a commune.

  11. johnnymackbrown says:

    How about Delores Erickson from Seattle who was the (((Herb Alpert))) whip cream album cover girl (a Hedy Lamar of albums) ?

  12. admin says:

    type I-IV, V is not re rack-size. It s re a continuum of facial features + skin tone/hair color (T/I = more-or-less pure Khazar/Ashkenaz + dusky complexion/black hair; II = some rounding off of facial features, generally less dusky complexion/black-brown hair; III = much lighter complexion, hair often bronze, blond, red; IV = like III, + much less Jewish facial features, often completely cryptic); Type V is a separate genetic line: Middle E. & N. Africa-derived sephardic and Mizarahic Jewesses, geneerally with dark skin tone, dark hair. and facial features more rounded off than the Khazar-derived specimens. You’ll find an unusual % of big tits among ALL 5 types, this having something to do with a common mechanism: Judaism-as-sexual-selector

  13. admin says:

    interesting. Never heard of this one. Will be doing pages eventually on the 2 Jewish daughters, Roseanna and Patricia. “Transgender” pervs don’t make it here.

  14. admin says:

    thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check her out when I get a chance.

  15. Frederick says:

    Was shocked and ashamed to learn Francine Sarah Gottfried was such a publicity whore and actually at some point got a “manager” to book her into some “clubs”. I’d always bought the thing about her being an office girl who was just hounded by the horn dogs of Wall Street and wanted nothing other than to be left alone so she can go home to Brooklyn and light the candles with her doting Orthodox parents.

  16. Timeboner says:

    The page on Miriam Gonzales absolutely astounded me. A giant-jugged Mexican is actually a Jew. Who knew? Admin did.

  17. Ezekial says:

    Want to recommend Nancy Sarah Stein aka “Nancy Quill” https://www.voices.com/people/Nancyquill


    A radio DJ in Boston.

    What was the line please (did I read it on this website?) which said something like “Boston sucks. It’s nothing but big-titted Jewish girls and ________”?

    Her husband (in photo) and son (elsewhere) look very Jewish https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/15/22/10/152210966243bb126caa2ca8dc0560ef.jpg

  18. admin says:

    there’s a lot of latino sephardics that been coming out as Jews lately. Now that they think it’s safe and, in the case of the Jewesses, conveys a triple group entitlement status. See also Sandy Garza, Juelz Ventura, and a # of others in category V.

  19. admin says:

    yes, that’s quite the racial rack…Type III otherwise. Thanks. She’ll get a page.

  20. Tom says:

    Is there a link to the different types of jewesses? This is pretty interesting to read about considering my girlfriend is very phenotypically Jewish, but she’s only Jew-ish considering only her dad is a Jew

  21. Israeli Aryan says:

    What do you think about Israeli Aryanism? A movement for Alt-Right Men and Jewish Women!


  22. admin says:

    lot of this going on now; Alt-Right icon Mike Enock was recently revealed to have a Jewish wife, ditto the guy who runs the anti-Jewsite TANSTAFFAL. Politically, it’s the normal Jewish maneuver (Esther Syndrome) to infiltrate and control a hostile political movement or individual; biologically, a mode through which the seductive Jewess captures Nordic/Anglo-Saxon genes for purposes of racial camouflage via the offspring. Cf. the Type III & IV specimens. The Jewess will attempt to dominate any such relationship, and usually succeeds…even to the point of bringing up the children as religio-cultural Jews as well. And in time, the near-inevitable divorce, when the Jewess absconds with the kids, the house, the car, the money, and the dog, and returns to her Tribe with the loot…and the genes.

  23. Seth says:

    Found this. A depiction of the tribe of Gog and Magog being walled off by Alexander’s men between a mountain pass so they will no longer be a bother. Notice the frames and the jugs on the ladies. This tribe is associated by historians with the Khazars


  24. Abel says:

    Re: Type III/#Z303: Lake Sarah Bell

    Can’t believe that would have flown under anyone’s Jewdar. But maybe i have an advantage because she looks like the jewess that got my cherry. Except for a bigger rack (I cant believe you think she’s small. And I’m a tit man!). Sorry for so many criticisms tonight. You do a great job. I’m just trying to make discussion. (-:

  25. Hanna says:

    Milena Sarah Kunis, alias Mila Kunis



    Sarah Sarah Gellar




    Jenna Sarah Coleman




    Ariel Sarah Workman, alias Ariel Winter








    Sofi Sarah Tsedaka (Bad Samaritan)


    Liora Sarah Fadlan


    Yael Sarah Kushner, alias Ivanka Trump


    Ayelet Sarah Shaked


  26. admin says:

    TY, Hanna…I’ve been meaning to put up pages for the Gellar, Workman, and Tsedaka; this’ll help me get them done. Ivanka Trump-Kushner ia a conversO so, on this race-based site, she doesn’t make it. Will do one on the genocidal “let’s just kill all the Palestinians!” Jewess Shaked as well.

  27. Southerner says:

    Do you think this Trump nominee was undone by a Jewess? Fierstein, yes. Henning, not so much. Jewish attorney Sokol had a “political beef” with Puzder, she admits. http://time.com/4596633/labor-secretary-andrew-puzder-donald-trump/

  28. admin says:

    don’t have a clue, and I don’t take Trump for anything like a White Nationalist or even a conservative. He himself is completely encapsulated by Jews of the Zionist/Wall Street kind: cabinet full of (((Goldman-Sachs))) vampires, and his son-in-law (((Kushner))) has a $250 million tie in with (((Soros))). For all I care the (((Deep State)))rs can impeach him tomorrow. Whites and their civilization will survive only through Civil War /Race War against the Jews and their invasive ethnic allies: Mestizos, Blacks, Asians, and Muslims. Not by voting. It’s too late for that.

  29. Sean says:

    Also, do I detect “devil’s eyes” on Eva Sarah Steiglitz, or am I just “reading in”?

  30. admin says:

    all part-and-parcal of the Jews’ genocidal attacks on White reproduction via their Kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism…with pedophilia and bestiality soon to be added to the poison kitchen. The Jewess Gloria Steinem recently stipulated: “in the future there will be no gender”. (((They))) are a race of death-dealers.

  31. admin says:

    compared to other Jewesses…she’s under-endowed; probably because, like many Hollywood Jews, she’s a mischlinge.

  32. admin says:

    no, it’s there. I’ve also noticed that a lot of “proud” Jewesses will actually cosmeticize their eyes/eyelashes to increase this khazarian effect.

  33. admin says:

    almost certainly. (((music industry))) is a Tribal branch of the (((NY/Hollywood))) media axis. Last two b/w pics appear, however, to be of yettanother Brill Building Jewess, Ellie Greenwich.

  34. Abel says:

    yes those last two are Ellie Greenwich.. my bad.

    And here is the corrected link to Ilene Sarah Berns:


  35. Larissa M. says:

    like Karen, who commented elsewhere on this site, I am a Jewess, 19 years of age…and I find myself in agreement with most of what you have to say about the Jews – communist, zionist, and all in between. I adhere to the universalist Tikkun Olam and, as it seems to be an almost biological drive, cannot abandon it…no matter how destructive it may be. Sadly, you are probably also correct when you write that either the Whites and their civilization will survive, or we Jews will survive….but not both.

  36. WB says:

    What does it feel like as a Jewess in 2017? Are you apprehensive and worried? Or just taking it as part of the grand scheme of things?

    Ted Pike reckons at least some of the Jews will be cleansed and come to the light in the great tribulation.

    What are your thoughts on that?

  37. admin says:

    given their infestation of – and outright, top-down control – of every institution that maters – the Jews aren’t much worried at the moment. When the current Ponziconomy collapses, that is, when they can no longer use Central Bank-issued debt to buy off the goyim, THEN the Jews (and Jewesses) will become very worried. They know this. That’s why they’re always pushing “gun control”. Beyond this, we’ll see what – if anything – Larissa Sarah has to say.

  38. Larissa M. says:

    “just taking it as part of the grand scheme of things…”…yes, that’s about it. Were I, as the admin of this site says, “in a certain eventuality” to wind up like Liz Slomin (II/#H74), standing stripped at the execution pit…I would accept the situation as a reasonable outcome of my own Jewishness. LOL…she even looks like me, slim with big tits. But I think we Jews are going to win this time: it’s you Whites that will, one way or another, have to disappear. In truth it is we Jews who have collapsed your birthrate, erased your national borders, and are drowning you in a “rising tide of color”.

  39. Hanna says:

    Are you one of the writers on the linked site, Larissa?

  40. Stuart says:

    Cruising the obituaries, I fell in love with this Jewess (RIP) before I even read that she was a Jewess. Why me???? Why am I always a sucker for the Jewess?? Dr. Freud, tell me!!!

    You would have to be from St. Louis to understand all the Jew-signaling going on in this obit. But this script is understandable anywhere, surely: “Barby quickly became a passionate and outspoken advocate…. Throughout her life Barby ardently supported progressive political causes, enjoyed watching (((classic movies))) and making art. ” (other echoes not needed).

    Terrible art, I’m sure.

    Beautiful girl, though. Beautiful girl.


  41. WB says:

    From the mouth of a Jewess!

    Well your honesty is quite startling, no shying or denying!

    I do believe however, that due to yourclan overplaying your hand prematurely the European race will once again defy you.

    The conflict is eternal, you do understand this don’t you?

    We can’t quite end you and you can’t end us.

  42. admin says:

    I tend to agree with the Jewess on this one…it’s a zero-sum game now: either the Jews will terminate the Whites and their civilization – and they’re certainly on track to do so – or the Whites will come to their senses and, finally, liquidate the Jews. An outcome which is still possible but, as the Jew-enabled ethnic invasions continue and the kosher Culture of Death keeps hammering the White birthrate, seems less likely with each passing day.

  43. Larissa M. says:

    No. I just like the anti-Zionist, Jewish-universalist values at Mondoweiss, there’s a lot of good writing there.

  44. Johnny Mack Brown says:

    Helen Sarah Greenberg’s eyes are absolutely terrifying. Of the devil, almost.

  45. admin says:

    agree, except for the “almost”. This visual effect comes via the almond-shaped, up-slanted eye, plus the usual extended, heavy, quasi-reptilian eyelid; see some of the more obvious examples in the first section of “Special Categories” – Judy Sarah Bloom et al. Or Ms. Rappoport, just to the left of this comment. The Jewish Devil’s Eye is, I believe, another artifact of the original Khazarian genetics. They’ve tried to breed it out – along with the wolf-lips, big tits, bent nose, hirsuteness & etc. – but so far with only moderate success. Because too much exogamy would interfere with the basic integrity of the Tribal gene pool.

  46. Doug says:

    How about Amanda Peet http://bit.ly/2oalNJ9

  47. admin says:

    yes, she’ll get a page eventually.

  48. Schmuel says:

    So hey, what in the name of all that is good is wrong with you dude? Did a Jewish girl break up with you so you decided to make this crap? Reading this gives me a headache , what is going through your head?

  49. admin says:

    Schmuel, your headache is a positive symptom. New cognitions are clashing with your old, Talmudic nonsense. Keep studying.

  50. Schmuel says:

    Buddy, I ain’t a religious Jew, I’m just confused as to why you’re so psychotically ambivalent to Jewish women.

  51. admin says:

    the disposition of Jewish ideology – here, “psychoanalysis” – to attack anti-Jewish reality function is a typical Tribal, Talmudic trick, variously known as circular logic, tautology, and argument-by-definition. The conventional “beautiful Jewess” is, well, beautiful, and hence attractive-seductive. She is thus also, as Valois pointed out, a Tribal bioweapon. And hence lethally dangerous as well. Cf. the biblical archtypes: Lilith, Jael, Esther, Judith; and in modern day high relief: Jessica Hahn, Monica Lewinsky, Rachel Uchitel, Paula Kranz aka Broadwell, and etc.

  52. WB says:

    Can the Jewess be cleansed do you think?

    Some of my brothers have said that if the darker races are somehow seeded with enough European DNA they’d be raised and elevated to hold out here while we chart the stars…

  53. admin says:

    @WB: No. The Jews permit sufficient intermarriage to soften and mask certain physical externalities. Thus the II-IV specimens. But not so much as to dilute the Tikkun Olam, which is both genetically fixed and culturally reinforced. If matters continue as they are now, we will never reach the stars: the Judeo-globalists and their invasive ethnic armies of extermination – Black, Brown, Muslim, and Yellow orcs – will annihilate the White race before the end of this century. Or sooner, much sooner, if the Zionists succeed in provoking a nuclear war between America and Russia. Apparently they have calculated that Israel will be sufficiently far south of the main blast and radiation zones.

  54. stuartsullivaniii says:

    Paula Sarah Kranz! I was magnetically attracted to her during the whole General Petraeus controversy. The lips, the poodle hair, the TITS, the doe-eyes, smooth complexion. I should have figured … Jewess! And a classic Judith. Our Israel policy would have been much the better if Genl. Petraeus had not been taken down.

  55. skitch says:

    Good analysis on La Brinkman (whom I could lick like a lollipop for days without coming up for air). The third to last mockery of marriage photo is especially screaming out “Heeb!”.

  56. Toryu88 says:

    Ah! Glad to see you found a new home. I saw that you lost your last host. One of your “enemies” was on line crowing about having something to do with it. It’s nice to see that freedom of speech still lives. I stumbled onto this new version from a link on a photo of Joyce Mandelkorn…an old fave of mine. Cheers

  57. admin says:

    Thanks. Andrew Anglin’s Jew-wise site @ Dailystormer is currently under Tribal assault. He could use some shekels to help the counter-attack. Anybody who wants to help, go to http://gab.ai/AndrewAnglin or http://dailystormer.at

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