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TRANSFORMATIONS: physical, mental/moral, behavioral

“Jewish women…describe their “Jewish” appearance as more buxom, darker, hairier….Some of these perceptions may be accurate.”

– Susan Schneider (Jewess), Jewish and Female (NY, 1984), p. 244

Rosen, Clyda Sarah 0177j

Jewess: Clyda Sarah Rosen (Type II/#A2)


“Pronounced differences can be seen in the soft parts of the face. In the case of Jews, more commonly among the females, the ‘almond eye’ is found: the inner corner of the eye is rounded, while the outer corner is inclined to be pointed and turned upward. In most cases the lips are somewhat fleshy, and above all the outward-turned lower lip is noticeable….The ‘Jewish nose’ has been often described. It is characterized by the fact that the tip of the nose is hook-shaped and bent downward. Viewed from the side, the shape of a ‘6’ thus results. The head hair in the case of the Jews is less frequently straight and more usually twisted in a spiral manner than is the case with German ethnics…body hair is often especially heavy among Jews of both sexes. During the course of growth, differences occur by virtue of the fact that in general sexual maturity begins earlier in the case of Jews. The beginning of menstruation among Jewesses occurs occurs one-half to one full year earlier than with German groups in comparable climactic and social circumstances. The early maturity of Jewish girls is manifest in psychological as well as physical features…

Melamid, Karen Sarah 01

…thus it is certainly no coincidence, but rather the result of racial characteristics that psychoanalysis originates with Jewish authors and that Freud has made sexuality the central aspect of his doctrine.”

– Otmar von Verscheuer, “Racial Biology of the Jews”, in Forschungen zur Judenfrage, vol. III (6 vols., Hamburg, 1937-41); Jewess: Karen Sarah Melamid (Type I/#A4)


home page addit - via Lilith mag 01home page addit - via Lilith mag 02

Jewess: Louise Sarah Rischman (Type II/#A9), alias “Julie Williams”


“smart and sexy Jewish female, 22, new to New York City…a petite, buxom brunette with long hair and runner’s legs”

archetypal Jewshot 06 - Devin Sarah Brugman

“personals” ad placed by a young Jewess, in NY Press, 24 September 1984; Jewess: Devin Sarah Brugman (Type I/#D33)


“for 15-year-old Vivian Abramowitz…the year 1976 is filled with crises, from her peripatetic familiy’s moves top stay one step ahead of the landlord to…the cumbersome brassieres her blossoming body suddenly requires”

Bell, Arlene Sarah ns47

“Slums of Beverly Hills”, reviewed in Movies Unlimited catalog #40, Spring 2007, p. 14; Jewess: Arlene Sarah Bell (Type III/#A1)


'Do Jewish Girls...' - for HP

Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jewess, ns66Jewess: Roberta Sarah Singer (Type IV/#A6), alias “Roberta Pedon”


Home page - big tit Jewess q

Durkheim, Annelise Sarah - Jewess, ns1Jewess: Annélise Sarah Durkheim (Type II/#O141)


post the...OK, Jehn, it has returned…

Zernova, Helena Sarah - Jewess, ns1Jewess: Elena Sarah Zernova (Type IV/#L114)


Home page q via shromery

Klein, Karla Sarah - Jewess, 01a

Jewess: Karla Sarah Klein (Type II/#A1)


“…nearsighted Jewish girls with big boobs.”

Himmelfarb, Cheryl Sarah 03

– @ http://yoyenta.com/?p=3551; Jewess: Cheryl Sarah Himmelfarb (Type IV/#A4)


“quite early Nussya had developed large breasts…”.

Gurvitz, Batsheva Sarah

– Meyer Levin, The Harvest (New York, 1979), p. 106; Jewess: Batsheva Sarah Gurvitz (Type III/#R172)


Bergman, SN q for TSJ4 HP

Jacomini, Jane Sarah - Jewess, ns3

Jewess: Jane Sarah Jacomini (page pending)


Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - ns6

“So. There’s this Jewish girl…big tits, and with a slight speech defect. Goes the doctor for a physical, undresses, sits on table. Doc puts stethoscope to her ample chest and says, ‘alright, now…big breath!’ And the young Jewess replies,

‘yeth, and I’m juth thixteen!'”

International Encyclopedia of Jewish Jokes, vol. LXXIV, p. 649; Jewess: Joyce Sarah Mandelkorn (Type I/#A1)


Hammer, Jamie Sarah 04

“Julie Blaustein…a prisoner of her own ambition. She’s thinking of creatively editing her resume, but knows she really should sell herself for what she is…Julie has a buxom bombshell figure, big auburn hair, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped hooded eyes…”.

– Po Bronson, “Gen Equity”, in Wired magazine (July, 1999), p. 168; Jewess: Jamie Sarah Hammer (Type I/#A3)


Yonath, Adalyn Sarah 03

“Selfies…the rise of digital narcissism”, @ http://trueactivist.com/scientists-link-selfies-to-narcissism-addiction-mental-illness; Jewess: Adalyn Sarah Yonath (Type II/#V215)


“Tuesday: Adam (one of my friends from college and our sales guy) gives two demos and we had quite a few clients. I wake up this morning without a voice…a problem when we’re on a sales trip and the major active is chatting. I drink some beers, talk with a waitress, who’s yet another petite, big-breasted Jewish girl. Got a thing for little Jewesses with big tits…”.

Laren, Shay Sarah - Jewess, ns5a

“Oh so tired”, @ http://www.cardrunners.com; Jewess: Shay Sarah Laren (Type III/#D37)


“…Boston is a miserable place full of drunks, losers, and Jewish girls with big tits.” Marcus, Jody Sarah...a 17-year-old Jewess with heavy, pendulous tits– Louis C. K. @ http://www.laweekly.com/2009-03-26/calender/louis -ck-and-ye-s; Jewess: Jody Sarah Marcus (Type II/V213)


“She was in the audience again that night when he addressed a Zionist meeting in the Bronx….a full-breasted, wide-eyed young Jewess.”

Sachs, Mucia Sarah 02 001

– Gloria Goldreich (Jewess), This Promised Land (NY, 1982), p. 310; Jewess: Mucia Sarah Sachs (page pending)


home page - Barnato, Rinah Sarah + txtJewess: Rinah Sarah Barnato (Type V/#C26)


home page - Jewess Caro w txtJewess: Mirelle Sarah Caro (Type V/#B10), alias “September Carrino”


home page addit - via jury duty 01home page addit - via jury duty 02Jewess: Ala Sarah Passtel (Type IV/#A1)


Kronenberg, Leah Sarah - Jewess, ns4, alias 'Leanne Crow'

'Little Jewess w Big Tits - LJBT q

Jewess: Leah Sarah Kronenberg (Type IV/#A7), alias “Leanne Crow”


home page - Averbykh, Naomi Sarah + txtJewess: Naomi Sarah Averbykh (Type I/#A2), alias “Rose Avery”


“If ‘Wifemistress’, which opens today at the Little Carnegie, is going to be popular…let’s hope it’s for the right reason. The guiding force behind the movie is what might be called Frederick’s of Hollywood feminism, and it allows for scenes in which the spectacularly buxom Laura Antonelli, clad in a filmy negligée that has just about fallen off, picks up a pamphlet entitled ‘The Emancipation of Women’ and knots her pretty brow, as if she were thinking. Maybe she is. Maybe you will be, too. Neither one of you will be thinking about the emancipation of women, that’s for sure.”

– Janet Sarah Maslin (Jewess), New York Times, 7 January, 1979

Antonaz, Laura Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Laura Antonelli'Jewess: Laura Sarah Antonaz (Type V/#A5), alias “Laura Antonelli”



Davis, Ann Sarah ns2

“brevity…is the soul of lingerie”

Dorothy Parker (Jewess); Jewesses: Ann Sarah Davis (Type IV/#C27), above, and below: Amy Sarah Wohlfeiler (Type II/#R179), alias “Lauren Redd”

Wohlfeiler, Amy Sarah - Jewess, ns77, alias 'Lauren Redd'


“Fifi Schwartz. An exquisitely beautiful Jewess….her body so assertive that…she always looked as if she had nothing on underneath her dress.”

Cherkassky, Zina Sarah 01

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Hotel Child”, @ http://www.general-ebooks.com/book/257207-the-hotel-child; Jewess: Zena Sarah Cherkassky (page pending)


home page - Jewess Horvath w txtJewess: Tundi Sarah Horvath (Type IV/#D34)


“One aspect of the modesty/morality picture, which includes the rules about expressing sexual desire…is the matter of hair covering. Covered hair was at one time the most observably “Jewish” part of a Jewish woman’s appearance”

Gordon, Virgina Sarah large ns2Susan Schneider (Jewess), Jewish and Female, ibid., p. 235; Jewess: Virginia Sarah Gordon (Type II/#T197)


“mikveh is a ritual bath designed for the Jewish rite of purification. The mikveh is not merely a pool of water; it must be composed of stationary, not flowing waters….and it has always held a special significance for Jewish women. Jewish Law prescribes that Jewesses immerse themselves in the mikveh following their menstrual period, in order to become ritually pure and resume sexual activity….”.

Verkaik, Petra Sarah - Jewess, naked @ the mikveh poolBeth Wenger (Jewess), @ Jewish Women’s Archive – http://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/mikveh. Jewess: Petra Sarah Verkaik (Type IV/#Z252)


Johannsen, Scarlett Sarah 04“I have already mentioned the rather strong dictum of Prince Bismarck’s that the union between a Teutonic stallion and a Semitic mare sometimes gives good results…”

– Bernhard von Bülow, Memoirs…I – From Secretary of State to Imperial Chancellor, 1897-1903 (Boston, 1931), p. 347; Jewess: Scarlett Sarah Johannsen (Type III/#B16)


“WE don’t say…’Jewess’!”

“I do. You…are a Jewess. And your daughter is…

Masserano, Rachel Sarah ns1

a beautiful Jewess.”

exchange, back when, between the femmeJew editor of Jewish Social Studies magazine and the present researcher. Jewess: Rachel Sarah Masserano (Type V/#B18)


“Sophie Spivack goes to her philosophy class. The teacher is a blond grad student, a German, Ted Pfahl….(later) she has a date with him. She’s wearing tight jeans, and a white scarf knotted into a kind of bra…

archetypal Jewshot 50 - Sophie Sarah Kestenbaum

…her scarf from Jerusalem. As Sophie strides down the street, she feels the knot loosening at her neck, giving way at her back…”

– Brett Singer (Jewess), Footstool in Heaven (NY, 1986), pp. 117-122; Jewess: Sophie Sarah Kestenbaum (Type II/#B16)


“potent young Jewesses, skilled in the arts of erotic trickery….they leaned above him as he sat there at the table, deliberately pressing their heavy breasts against his shoulder”

archetypal Jewshot 51 - Tess Sarah Kornicker

– Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River, @ http://jonathan-morse.blogspot.com/2009/12/image-against-exotic.html#comment-form; Jewess: Tess Sarah Kornicker (Type III/#J90)


home page - Jewess CherninJewess: Carla Sarah Chernin ((Type IV/#D39), alias “Carlotta Champagne”


“Leaning forward, though not too far, he could see through the uncurtained window into the bathroom. Helen Bober was there….He thought she would stand there forever, but at last she stepped out of her bathrobe….

Zakoca, Anya Sarah - additstill26

Frank felt a throb of pain at her nakedness….Her body was young, soft, lovely, with heavy tits, and her ass like a flower.” 

– Bernard Malamud, The Assistant (NY, 1963), p. 61

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, T&A, 07

Jewess: Anya Sarah Zakova (Type I/#C21)


“my breasts arrived right on time in the sixth grade, and within two years had grown into a full, glorious DD cup. It was clear I was supposed to be self-conscious about my boobs…but I secretly rejoiced in my buxom bounty. My super-erogenous nipples have also been something of a shock to men…

Jewess - H - ns1…last month I spent one friday sprawled topless on my bed while a guy twiddled my nipples until I came over and over again. My eyes rolled back in my head and my whole body bucked and twisted as he squeezed and rolled and flicked. ‘I can’t believe you can do this’, he said, as I moaned and clawed at the sheets.”

Jewess - H - ns5

– Elisheva Wolfe (Jewess), “true Stories: Boobs to Die For”, @ http://www.nerve.com/love-sex/true-stories/true-stories-boobs-to-die-for; Jewess: Elaine Sarah Pasternak (page pending)


Plaut, Mikki Sarah ns2“‘Your are’, Mast said as she arranged herself on the couch, ‘quite the alluring Jewish princess’. He was referring to an observable trait peculiar to her ethnic background…a definite tendency toward hirsuteness. She, on the couch, sat with right leg drawn up, leaving the other relaxed, foot resting on the floor.”

Oliver Lange, The Devil at Home (NY, 1986), p. 56; Jewess: Mikki Sarah Plaut (Type II/#D31)


Seligson, Susan Sarah - her race-confessional book 001

“Living life as a big-breasted woman has made me concerned for my safety. I’m not talking about the risk of getting my nipples caught in an elevator door, though I’m sure  it’s possible. I’m talking about walking home at night on a near deserted street when my breasts might make me appear juicier than the usual prey. But it was in benign daylight…that my breasts put me in the most imminent danger. Dressed in a tank top and shorts and out walking my dog one infernally hot summer afternoon in Boston, I was on a stately stretch of Commonwealth Avenue when I noticed a man cruising alongside me in his car, matching my pace and looking at my breasts….’Nice tits’, he called, craning his head out the window in my direction. Seconds later he plowed into a lamppost.”

Susan Sarah Seligson (Jewess), Stacked: a 32DDD Reports from the Front (NY, 2007), pp. 6-7. Jewess: Janicka Sarah Drucker (Type I/#B13, alias “Jana Defi”)

Drucker, Janicka Sarah - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Jana Defi'



Michaels, HP txtMichaels, Ellen Sarah 01Bernard Lazare, Antisemitism (Paris, 1894; republ.  London, 1997); Jewess: Ellen Sarah Michaels (Type I/#A5)


Lazarsfeld, Karen Sarah - Jewess; her confessional comment @ TSJ3

– Karen Sarah (Jewess), “comment” @ TSJ3

Kleinova, Liselle Sarah - Jewess, ns1Jewess: Leiselle Sarah Kleinova (Type III/#P153)


the Rabbis, however, had throughout to contend with the innate tendency of the Jewess toward luxury and display, and they passed in vain many Sumptuary Laws”

Baker, Marina Sarah 12– http://jewishencyclopedia.com/view/jsp?artid=822&letter=C ;  Jewess: Marina Sarah Baker (Type II/#R175)

__________________________________________________________ Farinelli, Patricia Sarah - HP txt– Gus Weil, The Fuehrer Seed (NY, 1979), pp. 232-234; Jewess: Patricia Sarah Farinelli (Type V/#C21)


Rome, Julia Sarah - for caption“One night I lay with a frightful Jewess…”

– Charles Baudelaire, Flowers of Evil; @ http://fleuresdumal.org/poem/130; Jewess: Julia Sarah Rome (Type III/#A3), alias “Julia Lyndon”


home page - Jewess Antonaz, txtKahn, Dee Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Jewess: Dee Sarah Kahn (Type II/#A4)


home page - Jewess Misch & Daily Fd 01home page - Jewess Misch & Daily Fd 02Jewess: Laura Sarah Misch (Type II/#D32)


home page - Kaplowitz, Patty Sarah - txthome page - Kaplowitz, Patty Sarah, JewessJewess: Patty Sarah Kaplowitz (Type I/#i88)


home page - Jewess Paul, Elaine SarahJewess: Elaine Sarah Paul (page pending)


home page - Jewess PriceJewess: Katie Sarah Price (Type III/#C21)


home page - Jewess Michaels as Judith

Jewess: Ellen Sarah Michaels (Type I/#A5)


“Dear Folks – Sorry I missed you on your trip to New York. But I was out of town, rehearsing at The Pines…”

– “Lee Meredith”, in Playboy, September 1973

Sauls, Judith Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lee Meredith' - best ccJudith Sarah Sauls, Jewess (Type III/#A4), alias “Lee Meredith”, rehearsing in the nude….at The Pines, an exclusively Jewish Borscht-Belt resort in western New York


Dubinsky, Veronika Sarah - for hp– Robert Manning, The Wandering Jewess @ http://wanderingjew.freehomepage.com; Jewess: Veronika Sarah Dubinsky (Type I/#A6)



Sheffield, Sally Sarah 02

Sheffield, Sally Sarah 01

“the miserable Polish summer of 1939 drags on. Once, after a wasted afternoon practicing piano, I escape to my room…. Catching my reflection in the mirror, I examine the mysterious creature who seems to have taken over my body – a young woman with high cheekbones, dark skin, jet-black hair, and green eyes rimmed with amber. ‘You have Jewish eyes, ‘ I tell the stranger.’You have big, sensuous Jewish lips and big tits.’ But…I tell myself, maybe I can pass. I stare at my profile, trying to imagine one of those Jewish armbands with the Hebrew star set against my skin.”

– Walter Zacharius, Songbird (NY, 2004), pp. 6-7; Jewess: Sally Sarah Sheffield (Type I/#C20)



Haddon, Dayle Sarah - a Jewish offering T2

“the day before the mass execution, many of the most beautiful Jewesses – some already naked and others in various states of undress – came out of the ghetto of their own free will and offered themselves…

Jewess disrobing @ execution site

…those who had not already disrobed were encouraged to do so. Each submitted to a body search and then, with arms tied behind their backs and by means of a long rope looped about their necks and attached to the back of one of our vehicles, these Jewesses were led at a run toward our encampment…”

– Alfred Metzner, a driver for Einsatzgruppe B, describing a romantic prelude to the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto at Slonim, White Russia, July 1942 (Nuremburg Document NO-5558); Jewesses: Irma Sarah Margolin (Type IV/#C22), and Dayle Sarah Haddon (Type II/#C28)

Slomin, Elizabieta Sarah - txt + pic_________________________________________________________                                   ________________________________________________

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